OurCollege can grant credits for your previous post-secondary study even if not fully completed (Accreditation of Prior Learning – APL) or we can also grant credits for skills gained through previous employment (Accreditation of Prior Experience- EPL). It may reduce your time required to finish the programme.

When it may be possible to have APL credits recognized:
> HND/EDSML classes studied elsewhere (the same programme)
> Very similar classes studied elsewhere if they meet all the learning outcomes of the HND class
> Providing a sufficient evidence that the learning outcomes of the module were covered by previous work experience

The evidence must be authentic (your own), current (you must prove that you posses the knowledge now, meeting all the learning outcomes as per level requirements)

To prove prior learning experience:
> Diplomas/certificates
> Transcripts
> Syllabuses
> Assessments completed
> Other supporting documentation (work completed in school)

To prove prior working experience:
> CV
> References
> Portfolio of work completed
> Certificates from the training
> Other supporting documentation