Support to OurCollegers

OurCollege would like to be known for the premium student support it provides – We also believe in a strong community based structure where students will support one another.

Accommodation support
We do not have OurResidence yet however we can still help you to find an affordable accommodation using a wide network of cooperating student hostels as well as searching Czech Real state websites.

Coaching and Counseling
OurCollege is based around a coaching and mentoring culture – do not be afraid to use this opportunity to the maximum. Just for your imagination – people are paying even 10 000 CZK for an hour with a professional coach and there are professional coaches available to you on OurTeam.

Visa support
OurCollege will assit you in the attainment of your visa. Please be aware that getting a visa may take even 90 days and you need to get ready for your visa interview – we are here to help!

Internships/Assistance in employment is a company based college maximizing practical application of the knowledge and skills learned through our programs. You will be working with the real professionals on real projects towards your coursework.

We will organize an OurCollege fair and our carrier development center will offer you a workshop to help kick start your carrier. In addition to this, if you desire to set up your own business you are more than encouraged to do so and will be provided with consultations.

Health and Wellbeing
English speaking coaches and an English speaking psychologist are part of our cooperative network.

We want you to balance your studies with positive entertainment
You may join interest clubs (you are encouraged to set up one that are missing yet please contact the head of OurCollege for confirmation – the interest club needs to be kept in our policies). You may enjoy refreshment, table football, video games etc. offered by the college in your spare time.

Canis therapy is also available at the campus.

We have signed an agreement with a reliable taxi company to offer you a better price than others after Showing your OurColleger’s card.

We are currently negotiating better price for your refreshment in Cafe v lese and nearby restaurants.
A Microwave, Refrigerator and a coffee machine are all available on campus.