OurColleger’s Life

Never underestimate the importance of having fun before you study, while you are studying and afterwards as well.

We believe that you need to have an opportunity to play/party hard in order to work hard.

To enjoy your life better as OurColleger you can use OurCollege Student Lounge where you will find:

> Pool Table
> Table Football
> Confortable Sofa
> Beanbags
> Computers and Laptops
> TV and PlayStation
> Coffee Machine

You will fine a Café v Lese right under our campus space. It is one of the central meeting points of expats in Prague.

You may expect Christmas Parties, Graduating Events and Student Interest Clubs (If you want to set up one that is not already there, please contact the Head of OurCollege) and much more.

Networking events with professional across industries will give you an opportunity to gain new friends as well as valuable contacts for your carrier or business.

Our Student Study Advisor will help you to get settled.

As of the request of OurCollegers, we are already planning a first trip abroad in order to allow students exploring other countries as well as other parts of the Czech Republic than just Prague.