Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

> This qualification provides a broad work-related focus and it is particularly useful for learners who wish to progress to a 6- month MBA or other Masters degree programmes.
> Internationally recognized – Accredited in the United Kingdom
> Regularly monitored by UK standard verifiers
> Level 7 qualification – Master’s level
> 3 – 4 trimesters / 12-15 months of full-time study
> Highly practical and hand-on approach
> Based on the real project assessments – if desired then based on your own employer or your own business
> Immediate progression to a 6-month MBA top up – Abroad, Online, or in the Czech Republic
> OurCollege top-up MBA under preparation
> Modes of study: Full-time, Part-time, Work & Study, Online.

It gives learners the opportunity to:
​• Engage in learning what is relevant to them
​• Allowing them to develop the skills, techniques and abilities essential for success in a real life working role
• Achieve a nationally recognized Level 7 vocationally-related qualification
• Progress to employment in a particular vocational sector
• Progress to related general and/or vocational qualifications

All 11 units are required – with an option to select twice, two different modules
• Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills (10 credits, level 7)
• Professional Development for Strategic Managers (5 credits, level 7)
• Strategic Change Management (10 credits, level 7)

• Developing Corporate Culture (5 credits, level 7) or Developing Successful Business Teams (5 credits, level 5)
• Leading E-Strategy (10 credits, level 7)
• Creative and Innovative Management (10 credits, level 7)
• Strategic Marketing Management (10 credits, level 7)
• Strategic Human Resource Management (10 credits, level 7)
• Strategic Planning (15 credits, level 7)
• Managing Financial Principles and Techniques (15 credits, level 7) or Research Methods for Strategic Managers (15 credits, level 7)
• Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Managers (20 credits, level 7)


MBA- Top-up

The MBA top up is currently being prepared – You may also choose from a wide range of universities in the UK, US or anywhere else in the world. Do not hasitate to discuss your options with your study advisor.


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