If you were expecting that you would be sitting behind your school desk, listening to a teacher and taking notes most of the time to memorize for an exam then OurCollege might not be for you, but we still wish you the best in your academic endevours.

However, if your are here to learn how to learn in a practical manner, gaining real world experience and skills that will help you succeed both personally and professionally, then keep reading.

Our approach is based around the following beliefs:

  • Change is the only constant – It isn’t important to know the timetable by heart, I need to know where I can find it and how to use it instead.
  • Education is about mutual development of potential, value and skills
  • Every student is intelligent – How many types of intelligence do you know? Hint: There are more than 20, not including IQ
  • You can win the game even with the worst cards
  • Learning should be relevant and practical as much as possible
  • They are better ways and more fair ways of assessments than exams – projects, presentations, case studies, and real business experience etc. Assessments are designed to show the best of you and not to scare you
  • Our lecturer is here to help you rather than to fail you

We hope OurCollegers will help us to formulate this page on a regular basis.