We are more than happy to provide our path to opportunities to every student, whether they are home students, EU nationals or international students.

OurCollege policies and the nature of OurCollegers ensure that a wide variety of cultures, nationalities and religions are welcome

> We offer you the same price regardless of being international or home student
> Language of instruction is English
> The diplomas are internationally recognized
> Help with visa, accommodation etc.
> Potential job placement for graduates
> Possibility to continue in the UK or other countries

Suggested Application Dates (if you are not an EU or a visa holder for Czech Republic)

Regular semesters (for those who are not interested in taking a bridging semester):
Semester / Deadline for Application
January 2016 / September 20, 2015
April 2016 / January 1, 2016
October 2015/ June 20, 2016

Bridge semesters for the visa applicants – monthly intakes:
We accept the applications on an ongoing basis – the international students can be enroled every month outside of the regular semesters above for a bridge semester (pre-course semester). This means we have monthly intakes for international students.

Please note: These are the recommended dates as the visa request may take 3 months to process. Also, if there would be enough applicants we may open a summer semester.

Visa support
OurCollege will provide you with assistence in having your Visa granted by the Czech Republic
Please be aware that getting a visa may take up to 90 days and you will need to be ready for your visa interview

You will need the following documentation:

1. Completed visa application form – available upon request at the Czech Embassy or a consulate or online at www.mfa.cz/visaform
2. Valid Passport – a valid passport with a minimum validity of 18 months
3. Two passport sized photographs
4. Appropriate visa fees – check with embassy
5. Certificate of clean Criminal Record History / Police Clearance letter from country of nationality of applicant – Notarized translation into Czech (Your responsibility yet depending on your language, we may help yet of course it will require some fees)
6. Course Acceptance letter in Czech language (Visa letter)- OurCollege.com will provide you with this
7. Accommodation confirmation letter in Czech language- arranged by OurCollege.com at your costs
8. Medical Health Insurance- arranged by OurCollege.com at your cost
9. Recent Bank statement from a current account with debit card facility (has to be translated into Czech language)- 6,000 Euros for annual living expenses. A copy of debit card to be produced with bank statement (your job).
10. To sign a form for Criminal Record check at the Czech embassy