Frequently Asked Questions

You will find frequently asked questions below. If your question is not among them, please do not hasitate to contact us.

Where is Prague?

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, located in the heart of Europe.

Is the Czech Republic an EU member?

Yes, it is since 2004.

Is Prague a safe city?

Yes, it is. It has a very low criminal rate and a safe public transport.

Is life in Prague good?

Depends what you consider being good. Many students say that it’s great. Please check the page about Prague Life.

Do I need to know the Czech language?

The knowledge of the Czech language is not required. The official language of instruction is English.

Am I required to have an internationally recognized English language certificate?

It is recommended but you may demonstrate your English language in other ways –such as previous studies instructed in English, conducting OurCollege internal assessments etc. and a Skype interview.

Are your qualifications recognized internationally?

Yes, the qualifications are recognized internationally as well as locally. Pearson BTEC, formerly Edexcel is accredited by Ofqual, UK.

What happens if I do not satisfy the language requirements?

You may join OurAccess Year Programme.

What happens if I do not pass the interview for a different reason?

You are encouraged to re-apply next semester.

How many lessons will I have as a full time student?

20 hrs a week, 3 subjects each semester.

What type of visa do I need?

If you need a visa then typically a visa type D – Long term visa.

What is the cost of living in Prague?

This will highly depend on your life style, yet usually it is about 400 EUR

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