Creobiz Profi was incorporated in 2012, as a step forward for Mr. Leos Vojtisek and Mr. Oldrich Duty, after bringing with them extensive business experience in the years prior.

Creobiz Profi is dedicated to providing quality, interactive and offline training, HND/BA/MSc/MBA lecturing, coaching, consulting and now also accounting as well as production solutions throughout the world.

We are one of a very few internationally certified Guerrilla Marketing Coaching practitioners in the Czech Republic

Our accounting division is focused on a film production, advising an array of leading production companies and film makers.

References are provided upon request; prior to agreement with clients for the purpose of maintaining privacy and integrity.

General Terms of business here to download in Czech – Všeobecné obchodní podmíky a reklamační řád Creobiz Profi, s. r. o. ke stažení zde: VOP_Creobiz